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Procurement Area

Our entire product is procured from the finest paddy fields in best seasons, milled and processed hygienically in modern machinery and dust-free environment and cleaned through the leading brand’s sorting machines.


With over four well-known brands and a large range of rice products, we have an extensive variety of healthy rice varieties in our product portfolio.

Paddy Procurement

We have a talented quality control team to collect paddy from the fields. The paddy is again rechecked before the process begins. The procured paddy is checked bag by bag by our team and stored in our paddy warehouse.

Manufacturing Process

To start with the production process. Paddy is cleaned by a paddy pre-cleaning machine and the cleaned paddy is stored in Raw paddy storage bins. The stored paddy is moved to food-grade stainless steel Soaking tanks. Water is drained from the tank and the wet paddy is ready for boiling.
Boiling is done by a steam boiler that has a capacity to steam 3000ltrs of water per hour. The boiled paddy is then moved to the paddy dryer through a belt conveyor.


The boiled wet paddy is dried in a food-grade stainless steel paddy drier using hot air. The heat energy for the drier is generated using a heat exchanger that uses steam from the boiler. Using a steam heat exchanger will sustain the real aroma of the paddy. These are indirect heat exchangers so there is no chance of smoke air entering the drier. The dried paddy is ready for hulling.

Hulling Process

The paddy is pre-cleaned again and destoned by a pre-cleaning machine. After cleaning the paddy is moved to dehusker called sheller. The outer covering of the paddy, the husk is removed here and is used as a fuel for the boiler. The whole rice is collected from the Sheller and moved on to whitener. Here, The film coat on the rice which is called bran has removed the rice and the bran are collected separately. The whitening process is done by whitener 1 and whitener 2. The whitened rice is polished by a silky polisher. The polished rice is destoned by a destoner and the broken rice is separated by a length grader.

Color Sortex

The polished full-grain rice is sorted in a colour sorter which removes black rice, yellow rice, and white belly. Then, the rice is moved to the packing section.